Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last week of summer...

Hey guys,

So I've decided to start taking up my blogging again. Ever since April, I've been super excited to craft again. Before that it had been several months since I even looked at my craft room. I was in a crafty rut and even buying new toys to play with couldn't get me out of it...

Then along came Betsy. Now, Betsy has been one of my best friends since 7th grade (I'm now 28!) and has always been a crafty person. Even back in high school she was artistic and making her own stuff. I dabbled in some scrapbooking as a junior/senior in high school but didn't really do much with it. Then I give it up and didn't touch it again after senior year except for one time to create a prom layout for my younger boyfriend. Then again nothing after that... Then Andy came along and I knew he was the love of my life and I wanted to remember all the fun things we were doing together by scrapbooking it. So, in 2011 I picked it back up. I bought a cricut, found Robyn - My Pink Stamper, adored my cricut and then began to turn to Stampin' Up and a couple months later Papertrey Ink. I was hooked! I loved crafting... Then came summer 2014 and I fell out of love. I stopped buying a lot of stuff, stopped posting on my YouTube channel, stopped blogging.... It pretty much stayed that way until Betsy and I decided to reunite! 1 1/2 years after the last time I saw her (at my wedding!) She saw my craft room and said we should craft together and that we should do a show together to try and sell some stuff. So I started kind of slowly getting back into it and refinding my mojo. Then the craft fair came along and I actually made some money on my crafts. People wanted my stuff!! That was it, it was all over for me again. I again found my love of crafting and have been finding myself back in my craft room (or daydreaming of being in my craft room when I wasn't) incessantly!

Betsy and I decided to form a business team and signed up for a couple more craft shows and now I imagine myself in my room day and night! (When I'm not watching my beautiful nieces, reading my lastest book obsession, or hanging out with my amazing hubby)

So now I've decided to restart up my blog and hopefully find some followers with which to share my creations!

The only problem is is that it is my last week of summer and my last day watching these 2 awesome girls!! I love them and I'm going to miss this so much when school starts up again!

That also means less time in my craft room to put down all my ideas onto paper...  But I'm still going to try and post as much as possible when school is back in session and I'm still going to try and spend a couple nights a week in my craft room making projects and videos for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I'll see you back here real soon!

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