Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PTI CD case stamp convserion

Hey all,

I'm working in my craft room, but not doing any projects right now. I switched to the Avery Elle pocket storage system a couple years ago and I definitely love it! But the problem was, I still had about 35 Papertrey Ink stamp sets that I had transferred over to the CD cases years ago that I never looked at because they weren't in the bin with the rest of my PTI stamps. That included some awesome sets like Rosie Posie and Turning a New Leaf which I always forgot I had :(

So now, I'm finally working on transferring the rest of my CD sets over to the Avery Pockets. I was using the clear cardstock from PTI but I was running out and it was getting too expensive to keep getting it. So I searched on Amazon and found some 12x12 clear cardstock in a pack of 25 at a great price! Now instead of getting 2 pieces out of the 8 1/2 by 11, I could get 6 pieces! That corresponds to 3 stamps (or stamp halves depending on the price of the set) instead of 1. Much more economical! Find the clear cardstock here!

Well, my Amazon package arrived today so now here I am finally moving the rest of my sets over to the Avery Elle pockets!

So what I did was cut 2 pieces of clear cardstock at 4x6 for each stamp set (4 pieces for the $24 sets). I'm taking one side off the VS case and arranging them on one sheet of the clear cardstock so they all fit. Then I'm using the other piece as a backer (I may eventually do this for all my other PTI stamps because I hate the cheap plastic piece they use!!). Add a little washi tape at the top to keep them together and now they're ready to go in the pocket!

Because I had already used my CD label on the CD case, I needed something that would show me what the stamp set includes. So, I went on the PTI website, searched each stamp, copied the picture of the stamp to Word and then sized it to 4x6 so it would fit perfectly in front of my stamps. I printed it out and am placing it in the front of my pocket and then my stamps in the back of the pocket, just like the rest of my PTI sets! If there's a coordinating die, I'm putting that in the Memorex CD cases and keeping them with the stamps.

Finally! Everything is the same :)
Here are some pictures for those looking to do the same thing!

- Ashley

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