Monday, June 4, 2012

Craft Room Tour

Hey everyone,

I've been gone for so long... It's just so hard to find time to post on my blog. I try to watch videos, make my own videos, edit my videos, craft in general, and do my lesson plans, so that leaves my blog to the wayside.

I've got a ton of videos that I've posted on youtube since my last post, so I hope you go check them out.

School is out in 2 weeks, and so I'm hoping to have a ton more time! We'll see. Anyway, one video that I would like to make sure I post here is my new craft room tour. I moved into my sister's condo in March, and finally was able to finish up my new craft room. It's huge and I love it and I wanted to share it with you!

There are 2 parts because the video got to be too long...

I hope you enjoy! I'm working on uploading another video right now, so I'll try to get that posted with some pictures here. I'm sorry again that I've been MIA :( I'm trying to do better, lol.

Have a great day everyone!
- Ashley

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