Monday, March 5, 2012

Yes I'm still alive...

Hello everyone!!

I know that I've been completely MIA for a couple weeks again... My job keeps me so busy and so stressed out. I've had to go to the doctor's lately to get checked out for my blood pressure. I've been so stressed out at work that it's been sky high, so my doctor put me on blood pressure medication... I don't think it's really working that well either.

I have started a new behavior management technique in class and it's working somewhat. The students are starting to act better because they want to earn their free time Friday and they want to play my iPad. So hopefully they'll get a little better each day... But as such, I don't have time at all during the school today to work on my lesson plans or grade papers, so I have a stack of paper about 8 inches high, and I already did about 4 inches of a paper stack... I hate grading paper :( I don't have a lot of time to work on my paper crafts, but I try to get in there as often as possible. I've made a bunch of things that I'd love to post to show you, and I've taken pictures of some of them, but I just haven't uploaded them to my computer. So I will try and get on that soon. I also have a lot of scrapbook pages of my niece that I've been working on that I'll try to post soon too. I go to power scrapping at my scrapbook store (Scrappy Chic) every other week with my Stampin' Up Demonstrator Michele and some other people I met from her classes, so it forces me to get work done on my scrapbooks. I've got a lot of pictures to do of Andy and me, but I wanted to make a scrapbook for Hailey so I could give it to my sister on Hailey's 2nd birthday. They're pretty detailed, and they take a long time to make, but I'm extremely happy with them.

I have even more news as well! Andy and I are moving this weekend! So I have to start packing up my whole craft room :( So very unhappy about that. But I think I'll have a bigger space in our new place. My sister bought a house in South Lyon, so we are renting her Condo from her for a while, at least a year and a half (until after the wedding) and I am going to use most of the basement for my craft room. Andy's desk will also go down there, but he doesn't need that much room... lol. My craft stuff will be some of the first things I unpack at the new place and so I'll take pictures as soon as I have it all set up and post them for you to see.

Anyway, Andy is gone for a couple days, so I'm home by myself until Wednesday. So it's up to me to start packing. Michele is going to come over tomorrow and help me start packing!! I appreciate that so much, Andy and I have quite a bit to pack up.... and I'm sure my craft stuff has doubled since I moved in here in December. But that's enough for now. I promise I will try to be better at posting. I also have a video that I posted on youtube a couple weeks ago that I never posted here, but I will tomorrow.

Have a wonderful night everyone!

- Ash

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