Monday, October 31, 2011

First Post!!

Hey, I'm Ashley. I have just recently started paper crafting, and have fallen in love. I finally decided to create my own blog so that I could post pictures of my creations for others to see and so that I could follow other people's blogs. I don't have a chance to craft every day, though I wish I did, because I'm a teacher, so I bring my work home with me every day :( I am also starting to plan a wedding!! (Just got engaged a couple weeks ago!) So I try to fit stuff in here and there.

None of my pictures of my cards or scrapbook pages are on my computer yet, so I'll have to upload those and then I'll start posting some pictures! I'm getting a new laptop by the end of this week, so it will be a lot easier to work on that as opposed to my little Dell Mini.

I can't wait to start sharing what I love to do with others, and to start seeing more of what other people love to do!
- Ash